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Chevy and the teenager

Posted August 12, 2015 in Community Featured, Norwalk

Carson Tingwald, 17, of Norwalk, is a Chevy man, bottom line.

Tingwald is the proud owner of a 1968 Chevy pick-up truck. He says he has had the truck for five years, and has spent endless hours in the garage restoring it with his dad, Tim.

Carson Tingwalk is proud of the 1968 Chevy pickup he restored.

Carson Tingwalk is proud of the 1968 Chevy pickup he restored.

“It’s awesome. I have all ways liked Chevy trucks,” he said.

Tingwald said that he found the truck outside of Carlisle, and knew it was going to be his truck.

“The truck needed a lot of work when I got it. It was a ‘frame off’ restoration, and every part was cleaned and painted and then put back into working condition,” he said.

According to Tingwald, his ’68 Chevy has an engine that is a 5.7 tuned port injection out of a wrecked 1988 Iroc Camaro. He enjoys going to car shows with his dad and uncles. So far, a favorite destination with his truck was the Good Guys car show held at the fairgrounds in Des Moines over the Fourth of July weekend.

“I do a lot of car stuff with my dad and uncles and I enjoy it very much. Going to the good guys for the first time ever was great,” he said.

Tingwald says he would love to go to more car shows, and show off his pride and joy, but he is a busy guy with a job at Coca Cola, and is going to be a senior at Norwalk High School. He is careful where he takes the truck, and when he takes it outside. He doesn’t take for granted the beauty he has created.

“I get my truck out only on nice days,” he said.

Carson’s dad Tim says he enjoys fixing up old cars with his son. They also like to do projects around the house, but cars seem to be the most interesting choice.

“It’s good to see he is interested in old cars. Not too many kids are these days. I was impressed at how he could take a truck apart and put it back together again. It keeps him busy. I’m glad he is more interested in doing something like this than playing video games all day,” Dad said.

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