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Summer and reading: make it fun

Posted July 08, 2015 in Community Featured, Email blast, Norwalk

Students have put their schoolbooks away, grabbed their swim suits, and headed outside for fun; keeping youngsters interested in reading during summer is an important and sometimes difficult role for parents and caregivers. Youth Services Librarian, Mallory Inman, encourages parents and caregivers to let kids have fun and read what they w ant in summer. Norwalk Easter Public Library suggests using the Three C’s: Control, Choice and Conversation to help understand why reading what you want is beneficial to help kids sustain the skills they will need when school resumes.

First is Choice: students need to have choices in what they read, and by having a variety of materials around the house, in the car and even at the campground caregivers can provide kids with opportunities to read throughout the summer. You can easily find a variety of materials at the library, or stock up on paperbacks, graphic novels, newspapers or magazines to provide a variety of items to choose from.

Giving a child Control over reading is also important. Many students have lots of required reading in school or reading at a certain level. Allowing a student to control what they read during summer offers a sense of independence and they will be more inclined to stick with their choice. As with adults, kids might choose to read a book that is “too-easy”, or choose a book based on topic, storyline, or because their friends are reading it rather than any other reason. In summer, it is more important that kids are reading rather than what they read.

Conversations about the things kids might read are critical for choices and control.   Kids like making their own decisions; however parents and caregivers can guide those decisions by asking questions about interests or commenting on experiences to spark interest in a topic. For example, talking about a trip to the zoo might prompt a child to hunt for books about giraffes; or pointing out architectural sights, such as a sports stadium, could lead a child to choose books on architecture or sports.

Audiobooks on road trips provide an additional opportunity to incorporate reading into summer fun. Norwalk Easter Public Library has many audiobooks (digital and on CD) that we would love to help you find one that would appeal to all ages. If you need help with our digital collection, please feel free to contact us!

Need further motivation? Don’t forget about our summer reading challenge, “Every Hero Has a Story,” which lasts until July 24 with a pool party for kids who complete the program. Help kids make a splash this summer with lots of choices, control and conversations about books and what they are reading.


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