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Not like they used to

Posted October 22, 2014 in Community Featured, Bondurant
This 101-year-old house has received modern updates thanks to Steven and Lynette Hubler.

This 101-year-old house has received modern updates thanks to Steven and Lynette Hubler.

If you take the short drive down Lincoln Street S.E., Bondurant’s past and present seem to collide. Vestiges of the past are apparent while modern touches have been added out of both necessity and desire. The perfect example of this can be seen in the home of Steven and Lynette Hubler.

Built in 1913, this 101-year-old house fulfilled a longtime dream of Lynette’s.

“I would drive these three streets of old houses every other day when I started teaching here, just waiting for one to go for sale,” she says.

Through a church friend, the Hublers were given notice of the house’s availability before it was put on market. Two months later they were moving in.

As soon as they moved in, they began adding their personal touches to the house. In the process, they unearthed some of its history. Tearing into an upstairs bedroom wall, a look into the past literally poured out.

“Out of the walls came all this stuff,” says Lynette. “Pieces of children’s toys and newspapers from World War I.”

Basic necessities such as central air, plumbing and electrical were updated, but some of the house’s original features have been preserved. Hardwood floors and trim flow throughout the house with six-foot pocket doors complimenting the open floor plan.

Hubler CoupleThe outside of the house also experienced renovations. A new driveway, sidewalk, decking, garage and porch addition were completed, just to name a few things.

The Hublers have raised two children in the house, but have also opened their home for countless Bondurant youth. Lynette has given music lessons at her home for the past 26, lending her talents as a longtime music teacher for the Bondurant school system.

Both agree that the open floor plan of the house is a favorite, but the kind hometown feel of Bondurant is a close second place.

“When we were raising kids, the neighbors always opened their doors for us” explains Steven. “They were always here for the kid’s birthdays.”

It’s the respect the Hublers have for the house and neighborhood that is most impressive. The hard work and value they have added to the community is apparent and noticeable.

Lynette takes a reflective look on the family’s time in Bondurant.

“What makes me feel really good, and that we made the right choice, is that both our kids wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else,” she says.

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