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Anything but mundane

Posted October 22, 2014 in Community Featured, Beaverdale
Laurie and Hunter Kramer relax in their Beaverdale backyard with their dog, Roscoe. Photos by Chris Kelley.

Laurie and Hunter Kramer relax in their Beaverdale backyard with their dog, Roscoe. Photos by Chris Kelley.

Five years ago, if someone told Laurie Kramer she would trade in a life of adventure, exotics and intrigue for a two-car garage in a quiet neighborhood, she probably would have laughed in that person’s face. The New Hampshire native spent a good part of her childhood in Iowa, but swore off what she used to call “boring and mundane” ZIP codes for a life of lavish travel.

“I was 14 when I contracted what you might call the travel bug,” Laurie says. “Who knew that 20 years later I would trade in my last name and pack up my passport to get cozy in Beaverdale?”

What changed it all? Laurie claims it all had something to do with the ring on her left hand.

“I was a self-proclaimed travel nut hippie before I met Hunter,” Laurie admits.

Hunter attributes their current residence, even his relationship with his wife, to chance.

“I’ve always been a homebody, but Iowa wasn’t always my first choice,” he says.

About his wife, he adds, “And making this catch? Well, that’s another story altogether.”

The two met at a hostel overseas.

“I spent the majority of my 20s in countries where English wasn’t even the preferred language,” says Laurie.

The couple says they socialized after a chance encounter and ended up continuing on a short excursion together. Upon returning stateside, Laurie says, “Well, the rest is history.”

A job opportunity brought California-raised Hunter to Beaverdale, where he found the opportunity to have the expansive backyard of his dreams.

home“It’s really like something out of the movies,” Hunter says. “Beaverdale is picture perfect. I’m trying to get Laurie on board with the idea of a white picket fence, and then we’ll be set.”

A pet and a Pathfinder later, the couple has become accustomed to the slower pace of living that Beaverdale has to offer. Hunter and Laurie share their one-story home with furry friend Roscoe, a pet they found at a local shelter.

“I’m a firm believer in the phrase ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ ” Laurie says. “From Hunter to Roscoe to pitching tent in the Midwest, I’ve come to terms with settling down.”

When asked if she would like to remain in Beaverdale, Laurie says yes — but only on one condition.

“No white picket fences. At least not yet, anyway,” she jokes.

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