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Q: What is craniosacral therapy, and why is it important for my baby?

Posted October 15, 2014 in Advice Column, Ankeny

A: Craniosacral therapy is a low-force technique typically utilized by chiropractors. This technique focuses on ensuring that the bones of the skull are able to move freely so there is no interference on the nervous system and that the head (of infants) can grow and fuse proportionally to allow for proper brain growth and development. That is important for an infant’s primitive reflexes and developmental milestones.

When you are a baby, the bones of your skull are moveable and not yet fused together. Babies may be compromised structurally as early as in utero. Intrauterine constraint, birthing delivery (via vaginal and cesarean), and sleep position can lead to an overlap or restriction of the cranial bones.

While chiropractors do not claim to treat nor cure certain signs and symptoms, babies who get adjusted and receive cranial therapy express their fullest potential. A physical examination from a chiropractor is the best way to determine if a child needs chiropractic and craniosacral therapy. It is important for right-left brain development that a baby reaches each developmental milestone, e.g. rolling over, crawling, walking, etc.  Remember that a child’s health and growth and development is critical, as this is the foundation for the rest of his or her life.

Information provided by Nicole Olson, DC, CACCP, Olson Chiropractic Health Center, 1510 S.W. Oralabor Road, Suite B, Ankeny, 289-1015.

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