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Meet Nacole Lamoureux

Posted October 15, 2014 in Community Featured, Grimes
Nacole Lamoureux teaches first grade at South Prairie Elementary. Photos by Maxine Grove.

Nacole Lamoureux teaches first grade at South Prairie Elementary. Photos by Maxine Grove.

Nacole Lamoureux is a first grade teacher at South Prairie Elementary School in the Dallas Center-Grimes School District. This is her seventh  year teaching.

“Having taught three years of kindergarten and three years of third grade, all in the Gilbert School District, this is my first exposure to first graders,” Lamoureux says. “So far I believe I like first grade best. It is a joy to see their smiling faces in the morning and hear the stories they share and the jokes they have to tell in the morning.”

Lamoureux says the students are excited to be at school. They are full of energy. They keep the day going with lots of enthusiasm for what they are learning.

“The students have been in school for a year, and are kind of familiar with the routine. They are ready to learn, while they still have activities to do with each other and the teacher,” Lamoureux says. “I especially like teaching early literary skills. The students get really excited about reading. They are still learning how to read, but know enough to choose a book for themselves and enjoy reading it.”

In math her students are learning how to make 10s. They are also working on story problems and beginning the fundamentals of addition and subtraction.

“In science we will be working on a project where they learn how apples rot or can be preserved,” Lamoureux says. “We will use  different liquids — water, lemon juice, vinegar and soda pop. We will keep track for five days and write our observations, how the apples smell, sound and look.”

Lamoureux’s favorite class is English.

“The students are learning how to use their imaginations to write stories to entertain other people,” she says. “Some students are better at writing than speaking. so this allows them to express themselves.”

Lamoureux has always enjoyed being around children and watching them grow.”

“I hope I can be useful to them, to help shape their lives,” she says. “That’s why I went into education.”

Lamoureux grew up in earned She and her husband, Adam Dunlap, live in Ames, where he is a paramedic.

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