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Curious charm

Posted October 15, 2014 in Community Featured, Winterset
Steve and Patty Weeks with granddaughter Elena on the porch of their home. Photos by Monica Pugh.

Steve and Patty Weeks with granddaughter Elena on the porch of their home. Photos by Monica Pugh.

Thirty years ago, Steve and Patty Weeks decided to move to town from the country and make a house on East Court Street their home. The two-story home has a mansard roof and was supposedly fashioned to give it a steam ship look. According to documents in the Weeks’ possession, the house was built in 1876 for $3,000 by Mr. Collie and would be occupied by A. H. Sloan.

The Weeks took possession in 1985 when their two daughters were ages 5 and 8.

“It was pretty inexpensive at the time,” Steve says. The house had dark paneling in the front room and old cabinets in the kitchen. During the ’60s and ’70s the house was apartments, so the servant’s staircase — while still present — had already been capped off to the upstairs.

The staircase to the second floor is just inside the front door, boasting a curved walnut railing open from the second floor to the foyer hallway. Their front room, office and dining room have 10-foot ceilings. The dining room has a floor-length bay window that is beneath the turret. The eat-in kitchen, which was an addition before their ownership, was remodeled by them. The downstairs bath has a modern oak commode that flushes from a raised tank pull-chain.

Three bedrooms and a full bath upstairs complete their living space. Two of the bedrooms are known as Lowry’s Landing and Kaiser Compound for their daughters’ families when they visit.

DSC09671The master bedroom is where the turret, visible on the outside of the house, is located. The turret has three oval windows with curved and pieced wood sashes and the original panes of glass. The turret has an ornamental on the outside spiraling towards the sky which they have nicknamed “the pitchfork”.

“The front porch is one of the best parts. We spend a lot of time on the porch,” Patty says. “The two ferns hanging on the porch are so old they have become family members.”

They have had a lot of fun choosing the colors for the house over the years. which still has the original cedar siding and intricate scalloped trim.

“We love it when the house is filled up with family,” Patty says.

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