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Repurposing recycled items

Posted October 08, 2014 in Advice Column, Greene County

What can be said about recycling? Recycling is good for the environment. Recycling reduces what goes to the landfill. Recycling can be repurposed into something new and useful.

Everyone uses products that can be recycled or directly repurposed — glass, paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and pretty much anything that you may throw into the recycling bin. Items that are recycled go to a processing plant to be separated and sent out to various companies that repurpose those items. Items that are directly repurposed are made by anyone who has a vision to create a unique and original piece while also finding a purpose for the home, deck or garden.

Recycling can be taken straight to the county recycling facility, city drop sites or at your curb during designated dates and times. Curb-side recycling bins can be obtained from City Hall offices at 220 N. Chestnut in Jefferson.  The drop sites offer a large bin that clearly states what can and cannot be dropped into the bins. You can call your city clerk, Greene County Recycling Agency,or Genesis for further information on recycling or visit the website:

Repurposing is becoming more and more popular and lucrative. A person with a vision can tear down an old barn and use most to all of the building materials for something useful. The barn wall boards can become a fence, a dog house, a deck, a boat dock, bed headboard or can even build a tree house.  The barn doors can become a dining table or a coffee table as well as bench seats. The windows can become large picture frames or a canvas for glass painting if you desire. If you can imagine it, it can be built. There are numerous do-it-yourself websites on the Internet and television shows that can assist a person in finding just the right item for him or her to make out of most any repurposed materials.

Here are a few websites:

Visit Facebook or Pinterest and search recycling links.

So be aware of when you finish that bottle of water, open that box or tear down a wooden structure or home, what you do next with the recyclable material is up to you. For me and many of you, we won’t be putting it in the trash.  Let us all do what we can for this earth. It’s the only one we have, so let us all work together to make the best of it and keep it clean.

Information provided by Mary Millard, Rippey city clerk.

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