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Autumn delights

Posted October 08, 2014 in Community Featured
By Lori Berglund
Barbecue pork pairs with a crisp green salad at Community Orchard. Photo by Lori Berglund.

Barbecue pork pairs with a crisp green salad at Community Orchard. Photo by Lori Berglund.

Apple time.

Time to gather up the girls, head to the orchard, do a little shopping, have a little lunch — and did I mention the shopping?

The season is here again for cool mornings, warm afternoons and long lunches at Community Orchard.

We started off with lunch and had a full afternoon of shopping and simply enjoying one of these fleeting days of sunshine.

My dining companions each opted for a simple cup of soup. The Orchard’s signature “Scarecrow Soup” is sure to delight on these days of autumn. A creamy blend of vegetables in a cheese broth makes for a delectable lunch. Served with an apple streusel muffin and a fruit garnish, it’s just the right amount for lunch.

In the mood for heartier fare, I couldn’t resist the barbecued, pulled pork sandwich. Served on a yummy kaiser bun with a heaping serving of juicy pork, the sandwich is delicious and filling. Paired with a fresh garden salad, it’s a great combination sure to please any appetite.

Amazingly, I still had room for dessert. But then, one always has to have room for dessert at the apple orchard. While the pies are famous, my new favorite is the flat apple pie. With a flaky crust, rich caramel filling, cinnamon and apples, it’s even more decadent than pie. Besides, I can always take an apple pie home for later!

Community Orchard is so much more than just an orchard. I enjoy the Orchard Market almost as much as lunch. Here I stock up on apple butter, homemade fudge in seemingly limitless flavors, corn salsa and more. And, one of my personal favorites, those huge caramel apples. The apple dumplings are great to take home, as are the muffins and mixes for making your own sweet treats later.

Our trip to the Apple Attic came next, with a chance to pore over all sorts of new items for fall and winter. Outside, we looked over the pumpkins and more, and I was amazed at how the “Back 40” has grown.

Kids can milk cows, ride pedal carts, enjoy duck races, build a scarecrow for themselves and even get lost and found again in the corn maze!

Autumn is such a short season, leading to shorter days and colder nights. How nice it is to enjoy these days in the sun at Community Orchard.

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