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Why bundle?

Posted October 01, 2014 in Adel, Advice Column

In a technology savvy environment, more and more consumers are going online to do business. While good general information is available to many people, there may be some missing information that is not made clear to the general public. Our thought is that if we can get one piece cheaper here and another piece of a set cheaper at another location, then we are “saving.”

In the world of insurance you may hear strongly promoted the idea of “bundling” your insurance. Is it really better? What if I can save a little bit of money by buying them separately? Is there any benefit? Let’s take a look at these questions…

First, “is it really better?” Really, this is a discussion that is subject to different scenarios, but for the most part a person who knows more about you may be better equipped to help you. He or she can take a broader look at what you actually need. Many coverages, like identity theft, can be added on to both a home or auto policy. If you bought at different places you may inadvertently double insure yourself or maybe miss the coverage all together.

Second, saving money. On rare occasions you can get a dramatic amount of premium difference by getting coverage with different companies. But did you know that some companies offer a single deductible if there is a loss and both your home and auto are damaged? For many people that looks like hundreds in savings in this scenario.

Third, “Are there any other benefits?” Many companies offer perks like accidental death coverage, lockout coverage or even air bag replacement coverage, depending on the situation. In this area of providing benefits, insurance companies are coming up with new coverages all the time to attract consumers like yourself.

Overall, you have to make sure you are getting the coverage you need to protect your passions. When looking to save money, make sure you are not losing out on valuable pieces of coverage.  You pay for insurance to be there when you need it, not to be there in case something happens again.

Information provided by Josh Heisterkamp, multi-line agent, LSB Financial Services, 805 Main St., Adel, 515-993-5663,

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