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Staying on the ball

Posted October 01, 2014 in Community Featured, Clear Lake
Keeping the ball in the air, from left, are Tashmit Khan, Jacob Peterson and Andrew Davis. Photo by Lori Berglund.

Keeping the ball in the air, from left, are Tashmit Khan, Jacob Peterson and Andrew Davis. Photo by Lori Berglund.

It just might be some of the best, informal preparation they are getting for a very hectic world.

After all, what parent of toddlers, or new graduate in his or her first “real” job or, for that matter, 40-year-old with a mortgage, two car payments and college looming, hasn’t felt as if he or she has way too many “balls in the air.”

Might as well learn to juggle early.

Hence, the Clear Lake High School Juggling Club. These teenagers are on the ball — pun too irresistible to forgo — when it comes to handling anything that life can throw at them.

“It’s all about hand/eye coordination,” says Jacob Miller. “It’s simpler once you break it down.”

The sophomore is in his second year in the club but teases that he’s not quite ready to start juggling chainsaws any time soon.

Andrew Davis, a senior and now veteran juggler, explains a little more the technique to keep all those balls in the air.

“You start with two balls in one hand, and you toss one ball, but before you catch that ball, you have to toss the next one,” Davis explains. “I feel like it’s the speed at which you fire when you’re throwing the ball that matters. It’s all about timing.”

Timing… and practice.

“You just keep going,” Davis says. “You want to stop, because you think you’re not going to catch the next ball, but you do — so you just keep going and you don’t stop.”

Tashmit Khan is a senior who says the Juggling Club is more than just tossing balls in the air.

“It isn’t just about juggling,” Khan says. “It’s also a social gathering; all your friends come together.”

In fact, Khan has been a member of the club throughout high school, but only last year learned how to juggle. Today, he’s president of the club, and he encourages others to check it out.

“I went for the social aspect of it, and the previous president forced me to learn,” he says with a chuckle.

Club members have performed for other students and local festivals over the years.

The Clear Lake High School Juggling Club meets at 7 p.m. Monday at the Middle School Commons, and prospective new members are welcome to check it out.

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