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Posted September 24, 2014 in Community Featured, Beaverdale

How can you avoid being excited about all of the change that autumn brings each year?

202Fall color explodes. There is still plenty of time to enjoy what we all hope will be an extended Indian sumer. Football is going on all around us, as is soccer, cross country, and a few final rounds of golf, as we each try to get in another outdoor experience before the winter that we know will come.

The Beaverdale Fall Festival and the parade remind us of the street and infrastructure improvements currently underway as we visually see and experience the work, the inconvenience and the money that we, the city and Uncle Sam together spend as an investment in what we know will be a better future.

Fall is also a great time to consider your business and career investment in a more prosperous future for our commercial and professional interests. There is never a better time to look at your commitment and to make your investment in organizations including the Des Moines West Side Chamber of Commerce.

Our mission is to serve our community by supporting and enhancing the unique quality of life and commerce that defines the Des Moines West Side. We do that each year with more than 50 events like the five highlighted in the accompanying ad of upcoming Chamber Events. We invite you to participate in these networking and educational opportunities.

Through the Chamber, you have the occasion to network with other area businesses and in the process bring more client and other opportunities through your door to keep that cash register ringing. You also have the opportunity for collaborations with others to enhance your business performance.

If you are a business that is not yet a member of the West Side Chamber, please contact co-directors Dave or Carolyn Nagel at 515-309-3266 or

We would be happy to review with you our plans for this fall and, more importantly, for 2015 on a nooobligation basis.

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