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A magical find

Posted September 24, 2014 in Community Featured, Waukee
The Gardner family moved to Waukee two years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah and have loved their time in the metro.

The Gardner family moved to Waukee two years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah and have loved their time in the metro.

There was magic in the air when Lauren Gardner met her prince, Gavin, and their storybook adventure began.

“Two years ago, we moved to Waukee Family Townhomes from Salt Lake City, Utah, so Gavin could attend Drake University’s pharmacy program,” Lauren explains.

She was working for a company that provides actors for events and parties and decided to start a business of her own, Storybook Adventures, when they relocated while Gavin worked on his degree. Gavin was accepted into Drake University’s pharmacy program in 2012, and the duo packed up and moved on out to Waukee. Shortly after, Lauren was expecting their first little princess, Paisley, and building a business while Gavin was jumping headfirst into pharmacy school. They wanted a place that was family-friendly, an easy commute to Drake and a good place to house her business. The Waukee Family Townhomes proved to be just the right place.

This adorable neighborhood is nestled in a ways off the main road, giving it an almost small-town feel within the townhouse community. Children can be seen toddling across the plush green grass and plucking soft pink flowers from the pots, while older kids race down the streets on bikes and skateboards, laughing.

The inside of the home is just as picturesque as the exterior, offering a warm and welcoming ambiance. Lauren has beautifully decorated every inch of her home, from custom wall paint and beautifully unique features, to a special “princess room” stocked with costumes, wigs and a variety of accessories needed for a fun-filled party. The beautiful high vaulted ceilings in the living room and kitchen were a big selling point for Lauren and she “loves how open and welcoming it feels.”

“I love how my toddler has room to run around, and I can still keep an eye on her wherever I am,” she says.

Lauren loves the family-friendly community and how affordable and accommodating the townhomes are, plus “everything is within a reasonable distance and has many parks close by for the kids.”

With a company that sends actors and actresses — or princes and princesses rather — all over the metro, it is nice to be located near the Interstate but far enough not to catch all the noise from the traffic. With a beautiful new addition to the family, baby girl Monroe, the quiet is very welcome.

“We have loved living in Waukee where we have made many friends through our neighbors and our church,” Lauren shares.

While the townhome is an ideal location for Lauren and her family, this sweet family of four will be relocating to a more permanent residence once Gavin completes his program.

“We love our little townhouse and will be so sad to leave once school is over,” she says, but alas, another chapter in their book must be written, and then it will be time to find a new place to call home.

Contact Darren Tromblay at 953-4822 ext. 304 or to be featured in a future “Where We Live” column of Waukee Living.

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