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A fresh perspective

Posted September 24, 2014 in Community Featured, Bondurant
Jesse and Courtney Grogan are the newest additions to the Meadowbrook neighborhood.

Jesse and Courtney Grogan are the newest additions to the Meadowbrook neighborhood.

You can usually get a good understanding of a town by talking to a longtime resident. The same can be said, though, when talking to one of the towns’ most recent residents. The recent residents usually provide some of the most unbiased fresh perspectives of a town and it’s direction.

Jesse and Courtney Grogan bring exactly that — a fresh perspective. Along with their three kids, the Grogans moved to the North Meadowbrook neighborhood just two months ago.

The two-story house they live in was built in 1990 in the expanding Meadowbrook neighborhood, adding to the close knit cul-de-sac on 11th Court S.E.

“We lived in Altoona before this and already had our daughter Natalie open-enrolled in the Bondurant school system,” explains Jesse.

“And I grew up here. Even when we first got married, I was always wanting to get back to Bondurant,” Courtney says.

The Bondurant school system and a desire to be close to family proved to be a big draw.

“We really didn’t want to put our kids in a big school,” explains Courtney. “And Bondurant has a small-town kind of feel.”

Jesse is quick to point out that family and school are not the only parts of Bondurant they enjoy.

“We really like the parks and Lake Petocka and the trails. Plus having the new grocery store close is great,” he says.

The Grogans also point out the growth Bondurant has experienced in the past 10 years but follow that up with a concern many residents express, the concern of Bondurant getting too big and losing the small-town attraction.

Grogan House“That’s what I’m worried about, are the developments springing up. I remember when I grew up here, all these developments were cornfields,” recalls Courtney.

Right now the Grogans are happy with the community, even running an in-home daycare. Jesse’s favorite area of the house as the game room. It serves as a great entertainment room to escape to, while doubling as a daycare room.

The mention of staying in the Bondurant area is unanimously agreed upon between Jesse and Courtney.

“Oh yeah! We’d love to eventually build on the edge of town. As long as we’re still in the district,” they say.

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