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Zip Zone Brings Smiles to Des Moines’ West Side

Posted September 18, 2014 in Des Moines West, Community Web Exclusives

Des Moines, IA – Zip Zone, a centrally located, outdoor, entertainment park, is open for business and ready to pair up with parents to create spontaneous and fun family outings.

Want to spend some quality time with your children but only have 30-60 minutes to spare? Never fear, Zip Zone is your new BFF! Located near The Sands Volleyball and Softball Club, Zip Zone is ready to serve and entertain with go-karts, a harness trampoline, mini-golf, Splash Zone—a water balloon attraction, concessions and more.

A perfect spot for day care outings, birthday parties, group functions, home school mid-day breaks, date nights, picnics and impromptu laughter breaks, Zip Zone is the new kid on the block and open for budget-conscious servings of memories, fun and smiles, Monday through Saturday, 11am – 8pm and Sundays from Noon until 8 pm.

A dream-come-true project for co-owner, Ofir Carmi, “making kids smile” is Zip Zone’s mission, and the park will be open to do just that until early November—longer, if weather permits.

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