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Why you shouldn’t wait to make the move

Posted September 10, 2014 in Advice Column, Clive

Many times when people are looking into senior living, they are questioning when the right time is to make a move. Sadly, most people wait too long. No one ever truly wants to move from his or her home. However, the benefits of independent and assisted living communities can help an older adult continue live on his or her own with the right support and have a more robust life than if he or she were staying at home.

One of the biggest issues with staying at home is lack of social life, especially if the older adult does not drive. He or she participates in fewer activities and relies on other people to come visit. At a senior living community, older adults can develop new friendships and have opportunities to join clubs, go on outings and enjoy educational events that they wouldn’t otherwise do at home.

Nutrition is another issue with staying at home. It is hard to cook for one person and often older adults will eat microwaveable dinners or sometimes nothing at all. While an older adult may be able to have a meal delivered to his or her door, there is nothing like dining with others and discussing everyone’s day. Meals are a social time and older adults eat better when dining with companions.

Maintaining a home can also be burdensome to an older adult. He or she may feel overwhelmed by the stress and worry of keeping up with household maintenance and cleaning. At a senior living community, older adults can enjoy an environment where housekeeping and maintenance upkeep can be taken care of by someone else so they have more time and energy for enjoyable activities.

A senior living community allows older adults to maintain their independence. At home, an older adult can feel isolated with no vehicle, having no one visit or relying on others to take him or her to appointments or the store. At a senior living community, older adults can enjoy transportation to doctor appointments, trips to the stores and can go to the common areas of the community for a coffee and conversation when feel the need to be around people.

All of the stressors for an older adult living at home can complicate illnesses, cause anxiety and depression. By moving sooner rather than later, an older adult can live a fuller, longer, and independent life surrounded by friends.

Information provided by Kara Bernsee, Woodlands Creek Active Retirement Community, 12605 Woodlands Parkway, Clive, 515-223-9755,

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