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Rowing shell

Posted September 10, 2014 in Community Featured, Des Moines West
David Lynch, far right, towns in the eight-person boat race in the 2013 Head of the Des Moines.

David Lynch, far right, towns in the eight-person boat race in the 2013 Head of the Des Moines.

Tucked in the rafters of David Lynch’s garage is a boat that has carried him through Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Des Moines.

Lynch, a member of the Des Moines Rowing Club, has been rowing for nearly 30 years and continues to enjoy spending time making his way up and down the Des Moines River by his own power.

“He just loves to row. In anything,” says his wife, Amy Lynch. “Whether he’s in his single or a double, four or eight. He’ll hop in any boat when they need a sub, but he especially loves taking his own boat out on the river on a quiet fall morning.”

Lynch learned to row after college, and took to it fairly seriously, competing at big races across the country.

“I remember going to Chicago to watch him,” says Amy Lynch. “It was an 11-mile race up the river. He was in great shape and won that race the year I went.”

What Lynch prefers to row is commonly called a “single” or scull. Scull boats have oars on both sides of the boat for each rower, up to a four-person boat. A sweep is a boat in which each rower pulls only a single oar, on one side of the boat.

“He spends his summer getting ready for the Head of the Des Moines in September,” says Lynch. “That’s a great race and attracts the best rowers in the Midwest. He likes the challenge of this race.”

While his single is his favorite boat, he also rows in four- and eight-person boats.

“He’ll probably do the Head of the Des Moines race three or four times,” says Lynch. “In an eight, a four and his single.”

The Head of the Des Moines Regatta, on Sept. 27, is one of the largest regattas in the Midwest, and one of the oldest. Teams from Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota and Missouri all come for the challenge of the three mile race.

Serving on the race committee, when he’s not in boat, Lynch volunteers his time to help the meet run smoothly.

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