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Blogging and the Bible

Posted September 10, 2014 in Community Featured, Clive
Faith Lutheran Church offers a ministry blog on its website.

Faith Lutheran Church offers a ministry blog on its website.

One major reason that people are unable to attend church and church-related activities is the busy schedules the 21st century requires of them. Unfortunately, Sunday services don’t always make the cut. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without your daily dose of scripture, fellowship or religious lessons. Fortunately, one church in Clive offers a unique way for community members seeking a connection with Christ that can be accessed at any time, at any location (so long as there’s a wireless hotspot nearby).

Faith Lutheran Church in Clive, located at 10395 University Ave., strives to offer different and unique ways to connect to it congregation, the community and interested parties. To get involved and be a part of the weekly lessons and teachings at Faith Lutheran, you don’t even have to be there. No, it’s not their weekly youth groups or even trips It’s all because of their weekly ministry blog.

Under the “Who We Are” tab of, there is another way to connect with church leaders and their lessons. Under the blog tab, there is a variety of unique and relevant lessons, blogs and stories that keep viewers relevant on the issues and fellowship being shared throughout the church. Contributors to the blog include Pastor Randy Olson, Director of Children and Family Ministries Rachel Corpus and Pastor Sarah Trone Garriott, among others.

Visitors can peruse down-to-earth depictions of scripture, discover ways to relate passages to their day-to-day life and view whole Bible verses to connect back to blog posts. Currently, site-goers can check out 24 pages of relevant blogs, videos, pictures and passages that work to bring Christ to the reader and the reader closer to the church community. Don’t like to read? There’s a solution to that. Podcasts of several sermons and lessons are also available throughout the blog, a definite alternative for sore eyes.

Perhaps the most interesting and attractive aspect of Faith Lutheran’s ministry blog is the chance to connect on a personal level with church leaders. Posts are personable, relatable and even provide humor. All ages can enjoy a good read on the endless Clive website — and now, there’s no excuse to say you missed out on what everyone was talking about last week at church.

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