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Posted September 03, 2014 in Community Featured, Perry
Crossroad Church uses E-giving as a unique way to stay connected.

Crossroad Church uses E-giving as a unique way to stay connected.

In the digital age, there are plenty of conveniences offered up through technology. From online shopping to e-banking, GPS systems to cell phones, the digital movement fills in many steps in day-to-day life. One Perry church is using technology to its advantage — one Christian, one donation, one text message at a time.

Crossroads Church is located at 2810 First Ave. in Perry, but location isn’t holding it back. Pastor Rick Gates says technology has come in handy to these followers in Christ.

“There’s a huge ease of communication,” Gates says. “Text messaging, emails, the website and Facebook all play a part.”

A large faction of Crossroads members utilize a special application on their phones to send group messages to one another for things such as events, meetings, and important announcements.

“I type one message and it gets sent to virtually everyone,” says Gates of the app.

Text messaging? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Crossroads4u.net may give the appeal of another church website — but it offers up some interesting features not always found in other church communities. Visitors can select from a dropdown menu the option of “e-giving.”

“Users can establish an account and give an offering online. It’s simple,” says Gates.

As the site points out — e-giving adds simplicity and security to the transaction and ensures that church members won’t be distracted writing their checks or fiddling for cash during the worship service. Finished with your donation? There’s more to the website than that, so sit tight.

If you missed Sunday’s service, don’t worry — there’s a link for that.

“If you want an audio version of the week’s sermon, it’s up there,” says Gates of the website. Sermons are organized by date and go all the way back to 2012. Videos, PDF files and documents compliment the available downloads, so site visitors can always find something new to check out.

Finally, Pastor Gates says one of the most important parts of the site is the promotion of the church’s special program entitled Celebrate Recovery. The program is held every Monday and encourages those who have been hurt and need help to come forward to share their feelings.

“It’s important to get this program out there, it really does change lives,” says Gates. He hopes that the site will continue to draw in those in need of love, support, and Christ.

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