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A+ retirement living

Posted September 03, 2014 in Advice Column, Ames

Today’s retirees and tomorrow’s retiring baby boomers are more sophisticated and have higher expectations. They increasingly demand an environment where they can remain mentally and physically active. That’s why so many are choosing a retirement community with close proximity to a university.

Residents of these retirement communities enjoy easy access to the university’s athletic programs, theatrical and musical events, continuing education courses, library and fun events like tailgate parties and reunions.  Those seeking an intellectual and cultured environment enjoy the prospect of continued learning. With scheduled transportation, residents don’t have to drive to games or events. Plus, it’s hard to put a price on the feeling gained from living in a friendly place that often holds special memories — not to mention the youthful and vibrant environment.

The intergenerational aspect is an added bonus. Few seniors want to be isolated from the spirit and energy of youth, and living in a university town offers ample opportunities for interaction. In turn, younger generations benefit from the experience and wisdom of their elders.

For today’s seniors who want more choices, more stimulation and a more enriching lifestyle, choosing a retirement community near a university is a smart solution.

Information provided by Rod Copple, executive director, Green Hills Retirement Community, 2200 Hamilton Drive, Ames, (515) 296-5000,

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