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Dodger Time Defined

Posted September 02, 2014 in Community Blogs

For the 2014-15 school year, Fort Dodge Middle School identified a few thing major priorities. One of those items was making sure our students had a structured class to learn social skills, character education and to promote our positive programs like PBIS and Rachel’s Challenge.  At the end of last school year and over the summer, 14 teachers and staff members took it upon themselves to develop a curriculum that would address the topics of kindness, friendship, diversity, team building, community service and others.  Hours of hard work went into creating lessons and finding ways to help our students learn and discuss these valuable life lessons.

Our focus for Dodger Time will be on a building a sense of community, or family, within Dodger Time classes and within our school.  We are excited to start this journey with our students knowing that as they move onto Fort Dodge Senior High, their work in Dodger Time will continue.  At FDSH Dodger Time continues to build those relationships and sense of community, while also helping students engage in community service and understand what it means to be a Dodger.  Exciting work is being done where students are building portfolios to document what they have achieved and learned throughout their high school career.  The ultimate goal is for every student to meet the exit outcomes of REACHIT FD.  In grades 5-12, the FDCSD is using Dodger Time to bring our students and staff together, making a difference in our schools and our community.


Responsible Citizen

Effective Communicator

Academically Oriented

Critical & Creative Thinker

Healthy Person

Information Consumer

Technologically Literate

Financially Literate

Dream Achiever

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