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Meet Suzanne Wong

Posted August 27, 2014 in Altoona, Community Featured

Growing up, reading had always been a favorite classroom subject of Suzanne Wong’s. So it was no surprise when, as an adult, she chose to make reading not only her favorite pastime but her career path as well.

Suzanne Wong is a reading specialist at Altoona Elementary School. Photos by T.K. West.

Suzanne Wong is a reading specialist at Altoona Elementary School. Photos by T.K. West.

As a reading specialist at the Altoona Elementary School, Wong works closely with numerous teachers throughout the building in order to determine which students require extra help with their reading skills. This teaching position allows her to work with students from all different age levels, ranging from kindergarten to the fifth grade. Keeping in mind the children’s classroom schedules, Wong works with the children in 30-minute sessions, each consisting of three to six students.

“I love working with small groups,” Wong says. “It’s fun to see all the different age levels. And I love that I get to watch the students progress from year to year.”

Originally from Charles City, Wong received her elementary education degree from Iowa State University. After graduation, Wong substitute taught for one year before accepting her first teaching position at Sacred Heart in Osage, where she taught both first and second grade. Later, Wong would go on to receive her master’s degree in education from the Viterbo University.  But it wasn’t until she was married that Wong would make her way to the Des Moines area.

“My husband currently lived and worked in Des Moines,” Wong stated regarding her decision to relocate to the city. After moving to the Des Moines area, Wong first became a substitute teacher for three years before accepting her position with the Southeast Polk School District.

“I like working for Southeast Polk Schools because the employees in our district really care about the students,” Wong says. “They work hard to help all kids be successful.”

After 18 years teaching at Southeast Polk, Wong currently resides in Ankeny with her husband, three children and their 10-month-old puppy. She loves spending time with her family and taking their puppy on walks. She also loves reading and jogging.

“I love being around children,” Wong says. They are a lot of fun.”

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