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Meet Brad Kjar

Posted August 27, 2014 in Community Featured, Bondurant
Brad Kjar is the high school football coach and physical education teacher. Photo by Shelby Hagan.

Brad Kjar is the high school football coach and physical education teacher. Photo by Shelby Hagan.

It seems as if it was just yesterday when school was released for summer break, and yet here we are, back-to-school commercials, school shopping for four 70-page spiral notebooks in red, blue, green and purple and other very specific school supplies. This time of year also means football.

Meet Coach Brad Kjar. Kjar is the high school physical education teacher and high school football coach. Right now he is a busy man with camp, practices, weight and conditioning training and preparing for the 2014 football season.

Coach Kjar was fortunate to have coaches in high school who were “awesome mentors and role models.”

“That experience guided me toward teaching and coaching,” Kjar says. He knew this is what he was called to do when the activities director at Grand Island Senior High in Grand Island, Nebraska, called him into his office.

“He opened my eyes a bit as to how much potential he felt like I had as a teacher and coach,” Kjar says.

The director basically told Kjar to stick with it because the profession needed quality young teachers and coaches.

“I guess he felt like that was what I was at that time,” he says.

The thing that surprised Kjar the most about his position is the amount of football equipment needed.

“When I arrived, a lot of equipment needed to be updated, and I wasn’t fully prepared for that,” he says.

Fortunately for Bondurant, it has tremendous support from the booster club, community fundraisers and the school district to make the necessary updates for the program. People would be surprised to know the amount of time, communication and organization that goes into running a football program with seven other coaches and around 90 players.

“There is really no other sport quite like it in terms of sheer number of people and equipment to manage,” Kjar says. He states that the most challenging aspects of his position as a teacher and coach are the organization and time management  needed.

The most rewarding part of Kjar’s job is the opportunity he has to have a positive impact on the lives of the people he comes into contact with. He claims there isn’t a hard part to his job.

“I believe that if your job is hard, then you probably aren’t in the correct profession. For me, being a teach and coach is a blast,” he says.

He can’t think of too many other jobs that would bring as much fun and laughter into his day as a teacher and coach.

Kjar believes he still has a lot to accomplish in his life.

“I believe that you must challenge yourself to become a better person in some aspect of your life every day (husband, father, teacher, coach, etc.),” he says.

But when asked what he would like to achieve as a coach, Kjar would like to get past the quarter final round of playoffs.

“That would be a good goal for us,” he says.

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