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Enjoyable location

Posted August 27, 2014 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Danny and Terry Wilson in their Hawaiian-themed front room. Photos by Rainey Cook.

Danny and Terry Wilson in their Hawaiian-themed front room. Photos by Rainey Cook.

Danny and Terry Wilson continue to enjoy their home on 56th Street even after several neighborhood changes.

The Wilsons bought their home in 1995 and felt like it was their little secret. Just east of their home were dirt, rocks and cornfields. Deer were a common and welcomed sight. The now well-developed neighborhood was void of the apartments down the street, Git-N-Go, the bank and the bowling alley. Numerous homes around theirs have been built.

The Highway 65 bypass ended at University. Later it would continue on to Army Post Road, then to 63rd, and finally to I-35.

Although the secret is out, the Wilsons have no plans on leaving.

“I still feel this is a safe neighborhood,” Terry says.

Having lived in West Des Moines for a short period and commuting to downtown for work, the Wilsons feel that nearby Altoona is much more convenient.

“Altoona has all the conveniences of West Des Moines, minus the traffic,” Danny says.

Not to mention they really wanted the smaller S.E. Polk School District for their children.

020The Wilsons have three children and four grandchildren. They love hosting holidays and birthdays. The renovation Danny has finished has made more room for such goings-on. He rearranged a few kitchen walls, expanding and making the view from the front room more private. The small deck that came with the house is now 16 by 20 feet with an additional “L” shaped deck on the lower level.

The landscaping Danny’s done includes rocks from the once-bare fields in their backyard. The harsh winters of 2013 wiped out one of their crab apple trees. Once he replaces that with a lilac bush, he’ll be at the point of maintaining only.

Another favorite part of their home is their neighbors. The Wilsons will never forget their little blonde neighbor boy who used to call out to Danny, “Hello, Mr. Wilson!” That little blonde boy has since graduated from high school.

“Pleasant Hill is really a friendly, nice, quiet place to be,” Danny says. “We have the luxury of living close to the big city, but the feel of a small town.”

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