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Customer service vs. consumer behavior

Posted August 27, 2014 in Altoona, Community Featured

Customer service is always a hot topic. There are many business seminars teaching those in the service industry the importance of customers service. As managers we constantly remind employees to provide excellent service, and there is always a new quote that motivates those in the service industry to provide service with a smile.

What about consumer behavior and the importance of being excellent consumers? Consumer service isn’t something that is discussed that often. The emphasis is placed on customer service — which, do not get me wrong — is very important, but so is being a good consumer.

Cell phones have taken a toll on consumer behavior, and those in the service industries are taking the brunt. Taking a phone call, texting, checking e-mails or updating your social media status while someone is trying to assist you is ill-mannered and uncomfortable.   You see this happening everywhere — the nail salon, checkout lines, dealerships and restaurants. In fact, Subway has now put up a sign that says “Please do not use your cell phone while ordering” but, of course, you have to look up from your phone to see it.

It is time that we focus on providing excellent consumer service.  Make eye contact, shake hands, learn the person’s name and say thank you. These simple tasks will improve the experience for both parties and will ensure great customer service for you and the next person.

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