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Technology Integration Continues with New Additions

Posted August 26, 2014 in Community Blogs

As we start the 2014-15 school year, we have lots to be excited about regarding technology in our District.  Our Board of Education realized that putting technology in the hands of our students is a very important piece in our students’ education, and so funding for additional technology was approved to do just that.  Over $200,000 was allocated as of July 1st to provide more technology for specific use in the classroom.  Both the curriculum and information technology departments were excited for this new allocation, and focused these funds for teachers who were eager to start incorporating more technology in their classrooms.  Before going home for the summer, over 50 teachers submitted proposals for additional technology in their classrooms.  We were able to fund proposals for 20 classrooms which included 25 teachers.  Those 20 classrooms will have various devices in their classrooms, specifically for the kids learning with those teachers.  We plan to use this year to see how this new distribution of technology worked, and hope to continue this opportunity for our students and teachers into the future.

To go along with more devices, we are excited to welcome two technology integration coordinators as staff members in the District.  Kirsten Doebel and Aaron Schmidt will work with all of our District teachers to integrate our new and existing technology into the classrooms and curriculum.  Aaron and Kirsten excelled as classroom teachers, using technology as another tool in their toolboxes to help educate their students.  Their roles as Dodgers will give our teachers in-district teaching experts who can look at each lesson, class or project, and decide how to best involve technology and great teaching practices, in order to make that lesson fit into our 21st Century curriculum. We are lucky to be able to add these two into the Dodger Family!

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