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The dream of home ownership

Posted March 12, 2014 in Advice Column, Clive, West Des Moines

For years the dream of homeownership has been part of the American way of life. The luster of this dream has faded a little bit during the past few years as many families have struggled since the housing collapse in 2008. The purchase of a new home has now become a much greater decision as you worry about the benefits versus costs associated with this financial investment. The market has been picking up all over the country. This may signal that now may be a good time to consider your options.

With spring on the way, many around the metro are looking to begin construction of a new home. This can be an exciting, confusing and overwhelming process to plan and select the right professionals to work on your dream home. It is important to start with the right questions in planning one of the largest purchases of your lives.
• Do you consider your new home an investment of your overall net worth?
• Have you considered the resale value of the property as your lifestyle changes?
• What effect do location, community dynamics and school systems play in maintaining your home’s value?
• What background information do you need to know regarding contractors, real estate agents and financing agents?
• Most importantly, have you chosen professionals who have your best interest and goals in mind?

No one should be expected to know everything in navigating this process. Emotions can often cloud your decision making. Be sure to keep a checklist of points important in choosing a home that fits your budget and lifestyle. Aligning yourself with experts to help make the most of your new home purchase can pay dividends down the road. These professionals can also help to temper the emotional process of choosing your perfect home. Using sound financial practices can help you in making sure one of your biggest assets does not become a burden for your family. As always, we believe in smart planning as the foundation to any major financial decision. We look forward to helping our customers navigate these and other issues. Legacy Bank wants to make sure that your dream home is always just that.

Information provided by Mike Kentfield, Mortgage Banker, Legacy Bank, 515-276-7010.

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