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Q: What is all the buzz about care management?

Posted March 12, 2014 in Advice Column, Greene County

A: Care management requires that medical facilities work toward coordinating patient care across many service lines, encompassing multiple providers and facilities if necessary. An example might be someone recovering from a recent heart attack or heart surgery who will require care from multiple departments such as cardiac rehab, nutritional counseling or physical therapy. It could also be a diabetic who suffers from other chronic illnesses needing diabetes management, respiratory therapy or home health care visits simultaneously.

Care management is a team approach where care providers streamline the “who, what, where and why” for the patient. It is care providers working together to provide the best outcome for the patient every time. Care management can include setting up appointments, making home visits and following up with phone calls to make sure the patient is following physician orders, taking necessary medicines and making necessary follow-up medical appointments. A team of professionals working together for quality care management can help to improve recovery time and the long term overall health of a patient.

Care management is linking patient care from multiple departments or providers for a patient suffering from a chronic illness or recovering from a hospital stay or surgery. The ultimate goal is to overcome barriers that may prevent the patient from following his or her plan of care, improving his or her condition and preventing readmissions.

Care management involves a team of professionals working across the medical spectrum toward the very best outcomes for patients.

Information provided by Greene County Medical Center, 1000 West Lincolnway, Jefferson, 515-386-2488.

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