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Helping youth

Posted March 12, 2014 in Community Featured, West Des Moines
Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church asked Jane Schelhaas to be its  education coordinator two months ago.

Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church asked Jane Schelhaas to be its
education coordinator two months ago.

Ask those who have been tapped to fill a role at their respective church, and they will likely tell you it seemed like the natural thing to do because they not only believed in the mission of their church, but they wanted to give something back to it and its congregation.

Such was the case for Jane Schelhaas, who literally was tapped on the shoulder about two months ago and then asked to become the education coordinator at Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in West Des Moines. Schelhaas, who has been a member there for 17 years, accepted the offer, and now she works with other members to coordinate a variety of programs and events for the church.

“It seemed like a natural transition in that I felt it was where God was leading me to be,” she says. “He put me in a role to help the church.”

Schelhaas says her job varies, whether it is gathering materials for classes or reviewing materials for youth education.

“My job is to keep my finger on the pulse of all of that and what is current and to recruit and maintain our volunteers and give them the materials and the training that they need. I just make sure that everything is working,” she says. “It’s a lot of organization, but they give me a lot of room to be creative and come up with new ideas.”

According to the list of educational offerings and events hosted by Crossroads Fellowship, it sounds as though Schelhaas has several programs and committees to help manage. For example, two years ago, the church launched its popular AWANA youth program on Wednesday nights.

“It’s so much fun. The kids love it,” she says. “It’s grown so much thanks to the kids who are recruiting their friends, including those from other churches. It’s exciting to see their passion for it and meeting new people.”

That kind of enthusiasm inspires Schelhaas, who says she is enjoying her new role.

“I just want to keep the train on the tracks,” she says.

Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
1200 60th St.
Sunday worship: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Education Hour:
10:45 a.m.

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