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Almost Home

Posted March 12, 2014 in Community Featured

Hailey Jo was a gal in trouble, looking for a place to call home.

She was alone and expecting and found herself at the pound. But when the folks at Almost Home heard about Hailey Jo, there was no question who their next “greeter” would become.

Almost Home Shelter manager Chris Ball with Hailey Jo, a beagle and her new pups.

Almost Home Shelter manager Chris Ball with Hailey Jo, a beagle and her new pups.

For anyone who has visited Almost Home recently, there’s a good chance that Hailey Jo was the first, and perhaps the friendliest face they met. (Her tail wags faster than almost any other around.)

“She was picked up as a stray several weeks ago,” explains shelter manager Chris Ball. “She was due any day,” and ended up having five puppies.

Because she is a new mother, shelter managers are not able to vaccinate her, and thus she cannot be mixed with the general pet population at Almost Home. But the plus factor in that is they keep her in the office area and she really does serve as a one-dog welcoming committee for visitors.

“She greets everybody, so hopefully she’s going to find a home right away because people see how incredible she is,” Ball says.

Hailey Jo is a beagle or beagle-mix, estimated at about 5 to 6 years old,

Of course, the idea at Almost Home is that all pet friends deserve a safe and happy place to live until they find their permanent home. As spring nears, it’s a good time to think about volunteering at Almost Home.

One fun ways is as a dog walker. With more than 50 dogs in residence, there’s always a furry face who would love to go for a walk or play Frisbee in Almost Home’s fenced-in play area.

While staff people walk dogs as much as possible, the dogs are always happy to get a little more outside time, which also makes them better pets in the long run. Of course, there are many more ways to volunteer as well. Almost Home also has its annual “Fur Ball’”coming up on Saturday, April 5.

More information about volunteering is available from Almost Home at (515) 955-8343.

(Readers should note there’s a good chance Hailey Jo and her pups have found homes by the date of publication, but keep in mind there are more like her.)

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