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Posted March 05, 2014 in Community Blogs, Grimes

WOWbrary!  Sign up for our WOWbrary! Newsletter at the address listed above.  This will alert you once a week about new items at our library via e-mail.  This is directly linked to our OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) for updated information for new books, movies, actually ALL items that were cataloged the past week!  You can also check the previous week if you missed a week.

It will list also list Top Choices to keep you updated on what is popular for you to browse through.  There is a link at the top of the newsletter to ‘carry’ you home to our webpage to get to our catalog!  (Working on a direct link…) but we like you to see what is going on at the library too!

We are getting closer to our Summer Schedule of Upheaval.  While it will be a difficult summer what with a smaller collection and much smaller space, we are hoping to make using the temporary library space at the Grimes Community Complex as easy as possible for some of you.  We may not be able to offer some services (FAXing, all 6 Internet computers, etc.) but the end result will be well worth it!

We will be moving the last week of May and open up at the Grimes Community Complex on South Main Street (Room 102 Tae Kwon Do) on June 2.  All of our programming is scheduled at the GCC for the summer.  We will be moving around to different rooms for the various programs, but Storytimes starting June 2 will be in Room 107, Movies will be in Room 106, etc..  All of this will be posted and schedules available once everything is confirmed.  Our phone system will be a mite insufficient during that time, but again, we are asking for patience in this time of remodel, and I do promise you, it will be well worth the wait and inconvience.

Are we going to have a Grand Opening?  YOU BET!


The Grimes Public Library now has a Friends of the Library Group!  We will be recruiting members and hopefully get volunteers who will want to help out the library by becoming members and officers of the group.  Please contact Karla at the library if you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Library and/or becoming an officer!

Have a good week.

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