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Vetting the ‘Vette

Posted March 05, 2014 in Community Featured, Johnston
Rob Woollums bought his 2000 Corvette on his 13th wedding anniversary  when it was 13 years old.

Rob Woollums bought his 2000 Corvette on his 13th wedding anniversary
when it was 13 years old.

Just because a person get’s older doesn’t mean he or she ever outgrows toys. Sure, stuffed animals at 30 might come off as somewhat eclectic, but there are other things to play with. The meanings of “fun” and “toy” change. What a child might see as a room on wheels, an adult sees as a vessel to traverse the land.

“I bought the Corvette (2000), which was a 13-year-old car at the time, on my wife’s and my 13th wedding anniversary,” says Rob Woollums, pausing to add, “Or we did, I should say. We bought it together on our anniversary. We’ve only had it about a year.”

Take one look at the ride, and it’s no wonder Woollums calls it his “toy.” Its sleek design and brilliant red shine stir the imagination of even the casual passenger. The only question, where to go?

“My wife and I take it on road trips now and again. We’ve done a trip to Minnesota twice, up to Lake Superior’s north shore,” Woollums says. “It’s hard to fit luggage in the back of those things, so you only take what you really need. But it does tend to shorten the trip up there, which is pretty nice, too.”

Woollums has had a Corvette in his garage since he was 30 and has the intention of keeping it that way for the rest of his life. His first was a ’79, which he owned for about seven years before picking up his current model. (He co-owned a ’60 with his old boss but only drove it on the day it was purchased.)

“My wife likes driving this one,” Woollums says. “She didn’t really like driving the old Corvette at all. She was always a little worried something would go wrong with it. And I figured, not being mechanically inclined, owning an older one was not the best thing. That’s why we upgraded to the newer one.”

While this toy is for the parents, Woollums’ kids love the car as well. His young daughter can’t get enough of being in the front seat and wears her sunglasses as she waves to all she sees. And his son — well, he assumes the car is already his.

“He says ‘Dad you’ve got your truck and Mom has her SUV, so when I turn 16 that Corvette’s mine, right?’ I laugh and just say I don’t think so,” says Woollums.

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