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Simple and fast

Posted March 05, 2014 in Community Featured, Clear Lake
Roast beef and a salad goes great with onion rings.

Roast beef and a salad goes great with onion rings.

One of the pleasures of Clear Lake is that the dining opportunities are far more diverse than most communities of this size.

We’ve got a little bit of almost everything right here. But despite the plentiful choices, sometimes, something simple and something fast is the best choice of all.

With that in mind, my dining companion and I headed out to Highway 18 to look and drove around for just a few minutes before settling on a supper at Arby’s. (Actually, I had been having a hankering for roast beef, so I admit to pushing this particular choice.)

Nobody seems to do a roast beef sandwich better than Arby’s. Oh, I know they have turkey and all sorts of other things, but I can seldom bring myself to stray from that luscious pile of roast beef on a bun. And, of course, my sandwich would not be complete without plenty of sauce poured over the top, and then a little reserved on the side for dipping.

Lean roast beef is actually a pretty healthy choice, and I paired it with a lettuce salad to boost my servings of vegetables for the day. The greens were fresh and crisp, and topped deliciously with chopped tomatoes and cheese.

My dining companion, opting for something a little different, ordered the fish. We were both delighted to find a generous patty that spilled over the bun and featured real fish, not just a bunch of fillers. Sharing a bite, it was moist and fresh, and everything you want in a fish sandwich.

Again, the fish was a pretty healthy choice. Now, since we had been so healthy thus far, we decided we deserved a treat and split what seems to be a very large order of onion rings.

Oh, my goodness, they really were good. The onions were cut thick and the breading was cooked to a crisp and tasty perfection.

Sometimes, the simple choices really are the best. Some good company at the table, a good meal, and a very good price make for a pleasing dining experience all the way around.

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