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Quilting isn’t difficult

Posted March 05, 2014 in Advice Column, Ames

Do you wish you had caught the quilting craze at the beginning along with everyone else?  If you feel left out or afraid you will never catch up, there is great news. The learning curve is short. Start now.

You will need a few basic skills, which can be learned in a good beginner’s class. From there, seek out additional classes, online tutorials, quilting guilds and groups or individual help at your quilt shop. Contrary to popular belief, quilting is not difficult. There are many new techniques and tools available that weren’t available to our founding mothers. Accuracy is quite achievable, and there is almost always a trick (or two) involved to greatly simplify construction. Sometimes accuracy isn’t required at all. Having good basic skills, however, is important.

An elaborate quilt can be made simple by breaking it down into smaller, easily constructed units. Oftentimes the perceived difficulty lies in the fabric selection and the use of properly “valued” fabrics. Ask at your quilt shop about a quilt you admire. You may be surprised how simple the units can be, and how much less you are intimidated to try it.

While you are learning, you will meet quilters who support you, encourage you and want you be successful. Very soon you will be helping someone else. Quilting is much more than a hobby, it enriches your life socially, emotionally, artistically and personally. Give it a try — you will be sew happy you did.

Information provided by Kelly Irwin, owner, Quilting Connection, 238 Main St. Ames, 515-33-3048.

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