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Q: Why do my eyes feel so strained after work?

Posted March 05, 2014 in Advice Column, Johnston

A: “Computer Vision Syndrome is something we are starting to see more and more these days,” says Dr. Matthew Howie. He says it is caused by prolonged working at a bright computer screen.

“Not taking breaks from using the computer throughout the day can cause eye strain and headaches, as well as dry eye,” he says.

Some ways that Dr. Howie says to help combat Computer Vision Syndrome would be to take 20-second breaks in between every 20 minutes of computer use. Another easy way he explained to prevent dry eye from your computer is to frequently blink. While staring at a computer screen your eyes want to stay open and will dry out. Forcing yourself to blink will help to prevent dry eye.

“March is Save Your Vision Month,” Dr. Howie says. “Using these simple techniques while using the computer will not only help with the day-to-day eye pain but will also help save your vision down the road.”

Information provided by Dr. Matthew Howie, O.D., Total Family Eye Care, 1451 S.E. Third St., Suite 400 Grimes, 986-1234,,

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