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Do I have enough?

Posted March 05, 2014 in Adel, Advice Column

Life insurance is one of the topics in today’s society that has consumers like yourself thinking about the future. Many times I have found that people begin to worry if their loved one passes how they would pay for their home, their lifestyle, their children.  In today’s changing times judging how to know you have the right amount is tough, let alone the right kind of life insurance.

Do you remember those days when going to the grocery store you had a few options of cereal to choose from? Now you go to the store and there are literally hundreds of types of cereal. The same has happened with life insurance. What used to be a simple process has changed and become much more diverse. Unlike your choice for cereal, life insurance is an extremely important decision that needs to be well thought out.

I would encourage consumers to take a look at a phenomenal website, It is sponsored by a non-profit organization for consumers to get a good general idea of how different life insurance products work. The site requires no personal information at all and is completely free. Remember, it is still important to get a professional’s opinion, but this tool has been used for years to help the general consumer understand the changing market for life insurance. For convenience, it also provides the consumer with a life insurance calculator. Using data to base a projection for inflation, children, investments and more, this tool will give you a good approximation of the amount of life insurance you should have for the things most important to you.

No longer is life insurance just choosing to buy a term or permanent (whole life) policy. Now there are options that play in the investment markets, ones that play off of the market and offer coverage for long-term care. They can be used for protection against becoming disabled. There are literally hundreds of ways in which to modify any of the many given life policies to fit you, personally.

Don’t settle for what everyone else buys. Get what you need.

Much like relaxing on Sunday out on the porch with a glass of tea, nothing is better than sweet peace of mind. When you look at your family and know that you have them covered, even when life throws you the curve. Get educated and be prepared.

Information provided by Joshua Heisterkamp, AVP of insurance, LSB Financial Services, 805 Main St., Adel, 515-993-5663,,

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