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Share your passion through philanthropy

Posted February 26, 2014 in Advice Column, Boone

Giving to an organization or a cause is more than a “monetary thing.” It’s a feeling, a feeling that you did something to be proud of. You gave of yourself; your self-worth measured. You feel so strongly about it that it compels you to smile, feel good, walk proud. Giving creates a sense of doing more, being better and keeping those happy thoughts in check.

It’s the same philosophy about philanthropy. If you truly believe that who you donate to or share a passion of your time, talents, and treasure, it will spark a fire because, it is heart-felt. It makes you feel good, it brings a smile to your face knowing you made a difference in the life of someone else; that one person who needed a lift or wanted to be recognized, not for their hardship, but for the self worth. They meant something to someone. This is a powerful message. To know that someone you have never met feels a positive impact from you and it stems from your love for that cause or that organization that truly is doing what it says and you see that impact.

Get involved with something that drives you to be a part of the community. So many not-for-profit organizations are waiting for you to tell their story. Be that spark, move the needle, shoot for the stars, take that leap. You may want to take baby steps, but get your feet wet, whatever capacity you can bring to the table. Maybe it’s volunteering your time, or making phone calls or you have a special talent or craft that is needed. You can’t put a price on that — it’s priceless. You hold the key to impacting someone, somewhere and what better time to start than now? Please get involved with your community. It is never too late.

People give because they believe in the work and service.They give because they see the vision, the dreams and the magic performed. They give because they believe the cause or organization is changing lives and saving lives.

You may be passionate about a cause or an organization. In one of his speeches, Will Rogers said “If you want to be successful, it’s pretty simple. There are only four things to keep in mind. It’s really that easy.
• Know what you are doing.
• Love what you are doing.
• Believe in what you are doing.
• And be passionate about it. Head over heels.”

Information provided by Vicki Greco, executive director of the Boone County Family YMCA. She may be contacted at

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