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Second family neighbors

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
The Cameron family, clockwise from upper left: Wendi, Noah, Tylar and Kenadee.

The Cameron family, clockwise from upper left: Wendi, Noah, Tylar and Kenadee.

The few turns it takes to get to this hidden block in Pleasant Hill is well worth the hunt. It’s a quiet, well-put-together block. Once you climb the small hill to the cul-de-sac, you’ve arrived at all its offerings. Tucked beneath trees on all sides, this block is a quiet, safe gem to rear children of all ages.

Wendi Cameron and her three children have loved living here since 2001. Although one of the first three homes on the block, it wasn’t long before the opposite side of the street was lined with more homes perfectly suited for families.

“Our home is cozy and little, and we love it here,” says Wendi. “It’s so safe, and you’re really only on this block if you live here.”

The kitchen is a welcoming sage green with a solid wood table. The living room is a comfortable chocolate brown. The front room is a complimenting army green. It’s a warm home with the buzz of children around.

“I love sharing a room with my sister,” says first-grader Kenadee. “And I love my dog, too.”

004Meanwhile, the oldest of the three children, Noah, is outside snowboarding with a buddy in the front yard on a small manmade slope, clearly much smaller than the talent that is jumping.  But it is one of the many reasons Wendi loves the block where they live.

“It’s safe, and the kids have so many friends here,” she continues.

There are an astounding 27 kids on Fawn Circle alone. The history on this block isn’t rich with what used to be here, but rather what is here. The history is being written with every child who learns to ride a bike and every neighbor fixing a third casserole for the sick neighbor or the mom in the backyard throwing her son’s baseball to him in the summer.

Fawn Circle is full of carpooling moms, talented baseball players and snow-removing volunteers. It truly is a second family type of neighborhood.

Not to mention the summer driveway fires for all to roast s’mores, Cinco de Mayo gatherings, Labor Day festivities and even fall football parties that happen once the snow is out of sight.

“There is a lot of hanging out together,” says Wendi. “It’s just fun here.”

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