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Q: Can back problems cause pain in my legs or hips?

Posted February 26, 2014 in Advice Column, Boone

A: Some people may not realize the pain in their legs or hips is actually from their backs. Sometimes a treatment on either a muscle group or a compressed nerve in someone’s back can help treat the cause of a person’s pain. Often the symptom is a sign of another root problem. Causes of pain can be generated by poor posture, inflamed muscles, scar tissue or compressed discs. It’s important to note that a comprehensive exam must be made to determine the cause of pain and the treatment necessary to resolve it. Sometimes injections are necessary, to provide the ability for a patient to work on physical therapy and to participate in doing activities necessary to maximize functionality.

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Information provided by Chris Hanson, Mid Iowa Anesthesia, 515-212-2420,

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