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Meet Darin Wooters

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Bondurant
Darin Wooters teaches fourth grade at Anderson Elementary.

Darin Wooters teaches fourth grade at Anderson Elementary.

Darin Wooters is a fourth grade teacher at Anderson Elementary in Bondurant who is remembered fondly by generations of students during 25 years as a teacher. Anderson’s principal, Mel Hewitt, advised that Mr. Wooters is a well respected teacher with a classroom others envy.

Teaching colleagues coined Wooters’ classroom as the “museum” because it hosts many items you might encounter on a field trip. Totem poles, ships, Egyptian mummies and representations of U.S. presidents line the walls of Wooters’ classroom. The Wright Brothers plane in model form hangs from his ceiling.

Wooters plans “History Mystery” exercises during which students explore history beyond their textbooks, an interactive, dynamic way of instruction that differs from traditional approach. One of the important lessons learned during History Mystery is how to use Internet resources while studying the unsolved riddles from history.

Wooters also instructs in social studies and geography. In the past he has taught language arts and math. Wooters graduated from Iowa State and has worked in the Bondurant community for longer than many remember. He credits his great-grandfather for teaching him the importance of reading, writing and proper grammar. Grandpa worked in the newspaper business and set Wooters on a path to become an educator.

Books and reading are both emphasized heavily in the fourth grade. Wooters’ book collection has been estimated at more than 1,000 volumes. He organizes box top collection efforts to raise money for additional books throughout the year.

Past students remember Wooters for his “Golden Tickets” awarded throughout the school year for excellent work. At the end of the year, Wooters hosts an auction and students bid on various prizes, something many look forward to. It’s his way of rewarding students who give their best effort, a teacher proud of kids and their hard work in class.

The lasting impression Wooters ultimately leaves at Anderson Elementary is this —  he’s known school-wide as the tallest teacher around.

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