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Meet Chad Redmon

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an SEP graduate, and then become a teacher for SEP? That describes Chad Redmon, social studies teacher at SEP Junior High.

“I went to Willowbrook Elementary from first to sixth grade,” says Redmon. “I still have friends from first grade.”

Redmon and his friends would play outside and ride their bikes, using scrap wood from nearby housing developments to build ramps from March to October.

Chad Redmon teaches social studies at SEP Junior High and also coaches.

Chad Redmon teaches social studies at SEP Junior High and also coaches.

“We would ride on dirt hills and hit the ramp at the bottom,” he recalls. “Once I flipped my bike, cut my leg on the metal pedals and had 25 stitches.” That number was important to Redmon because his brother had 25 stitches from a car accident while in high school. That accident left his brother in serious condition.

As Redmon got older, he worked at White Water University, which was one of his favorite jobs.

Redmon played football his freshman year, but he was small. He focused on other sports and received a tennis scholarship at Morningside College.

“Nobody in my immediate family had gone to college and graduated,” he says. “That was a big deal to me. I knew I wanted to do something with people and help them. I liked history, so I went into education.”

Redmon’s first taught in Freemont, Neb. He came to SEP in 2011 and taught special education.

“When Mr. Fell retired as seventh grade social studies teacher, I got it,” Redmon says. “This is my dream job.”

If Redmon has a bad day, he reflects on his brother’s situation.”

“My brother has been a huge influence on my life; he pushes me to be the best I can be,” Redmon says. “Whenever I think I had a bad day I just think about my brother and how he had to relearn everything all over again. And that is when I realize that I don’t have it so bad.”

Redmon passes this on to his students.

“I want kids to learn from me and realize that life is hard, and there will be ups and downs in life.  But if you can get through those ups and downs, it is all worth it when you are older.”

Redmon coaches eighth grade football, ninth grade girls’ basketball and ninth-12th grade tennis.

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