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How to have an Eggcelent Easter

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

Barr_Shawn_2Our kids used to run around the yard on Easter looking for eggs we had hidden for them. Some had candy in them and some had money. Each child also had a chocolate rabbit somewhere in the yard. Our kids are pretty much grown now, although the 19-year-old would probably still look for a few eggs if we put them out for her. What great memories!

For most people the Easter season comes, they enjoy it, and then it’s over and it’s time to get ready for the next season: Memorial Day or perhaps the Fourth of July.

But Easter is so much more than a few eggs, bunnies or an Easter sunrise service. And it is something that should be celebrated every day, not just once a year and forgotten. “Why?” you might ask.

Well here it is — on a somber morning many years ago, a few women came to the tomb of Jesus.  Their intent was to care for his dead body with some funeral-type spices and lotions. But as they approached the cave where he was buried, a glance showed them the tomb was no longer closed.  The heavy stone which had been sealing it was rolled off to the side, and a man like no one they had ever seen was sitting on the stone —probably with a smile on his face.  And this angel said…

“…Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him.” (Mark 16:6)

“He is risen!” Those three words changed the course of the world. Millions of people had died to that point, but no one had ever come back to life on his own power. Jesus did, and this gave the world (and us) new hope.

Here are some tips on celebrating Easter this year:
•    Read the book of Mark in the Bible during April.
•    Plan some special Easter activities for your family.
•    Worship Jesus with some other folks.

You might say, “I’m not sure about all of this.” Hey, that’s OK. A man coming back from the dead is a big deal! I understand the hesitancy. A good way to learn more would be to attend an ALPHA course. We’ll have two of them running right after Easter. Check it out on www.gfdesmoines.com.

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