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Christ the King

Posted February 26, 2014 in Altoona, Community Featured

Children of Christ Preschool, which is supported by Christ the King Lutheran Church, has been serving the Altoona area for 30 years. We believe that Children of Christ Preschool offers children the best opportunity for achieving the goals of Christian education outside the home. The primary focus of our preschool is that, through Jesus’ love and the grace of God, each child will believe in Jesus as his/her personal Savior.

There are several advantages in sending your child to Children of Christ Preschool. First and foremost, we have smaller class sizes that offer improved teacher-student interactions. Smaller class settings enable children to receive more one-on-one attention, which encourages creativity and critical thinking. The children are able to develop a sense of family, belonging and community. This inclusive philosophy leads to long friendships and better socialization skills as the children mature in their development.

A second advantage of Children of Christ Preschool is the flexibility of the curriculum. Our teachers are able to have more creative control because we are able to by-pass the focus on standardized testing. This allows us to develop a curriculum that meets the specific needs and interests of the children in our care. We offer a wide range of fun activities that includes singing, dancing, free play, indoor and outdoor games, art and science activities, literacy and math skills, small motor skills and, most importantly, Jesus time.  Every day students at Children of Christ Preschool hear that Jesus loves them, died on the cross for them and that they have a home in Heaven waiting for them.

Children of Christ Preschool loves having parents visit our program. If a parent has concerns, they are addressed with consideration, and solutions are generated through cooperation between teacher and parent

Finally, sending your child to Children of Christ Preschool gives them a private school education and that increases their likelihood of attending college. Research demonstrates that private preschools like Children of Christ Preschool are better equipped to reduce the achievement gap between children of differing socio-economic status and race. It is a fact that children who attend private schools have a higher rate of attending and succeeding in college or university.

Your child’s education is an important foundation for a successful life. Children of Christ Preschool is the first step on that journey. If you would like more information about Children of Christ Preschool, please contact us at 515-967-3349, childrenofchrist@q.com or visit us at www.christthekingaltoona.com.

Christ the King Lutheran Church
600 First Ave. N.
Adult Bible study:
Sunday, 8 and 10:30 a.m.
Worship: 9 a.m.
Kids’ Bible study immediately following worship

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