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An increase in enthusiasm

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Bondurant

Adam KlineI hope everyone enjoyed the inaugural edition of Bondurant Living. The Bondurant Chamber of Commerce truly appreciates all the work that is being put into this publication. Hopefully sooner than later, we will have photos in these pages without heavy coats and snowy backgrounds.

It’s exciting to see increased enthusiasm within our business community. Our Chamber Board of Directors is at full strength and working on ways to best promote our business and residential communities. A survey was recently concluded of our membership asking what were some of the most important aspects of a chamber of commerce and what our members see as the most advantageous things we are currently doing and what we should implement going forward. We are working on analyzing the responses and formulating actionable plans to provide the best services and events to continue adding value to our members.

One event that we would like to have in 2014 is a Lunch and Learn seminar. We are looking for a Chamber member who would be interested in hosting this sometime later in the year. A Lunch and Learn is simply a chance for members to gather for lunch while listening to a topic of current interest. The following ideas are in no way an all inclusive list, but some sample topics are: social media, healthcare regulation changes, economic development updates, business networking and business administration information. Other ideas are more than welcome. For anyone who is interested in hosting a Lunch and Learn, please contact the Chamber at or the Chamber’s Executive Director, Molly Suarez, at (515) 771-8316.

With all the development in the eastern Polk County area, we in Bondurant have a unique opportunity to develop the communication between our communities’ organizations before more growth makes it hard to create that level of coordination. I am more than willing to meet with any organization in Bondurant to learn about them and their goals and initiatives. I would like to find ways we can all promote each other’s organizations and our respective events, and the Bondurant community as a whole. I firmly feel that if we all communicate in a united front to our community we will all benefit by bringing organizations, residents and businesses together for all of our events. This can only help to build one of the strongest communities in this area that we can all be even more proud to be a part of. Please contact me at either or (515) 967-7644 to discuss your organization or to find a time when we can meet to work on getting on the same page. I am open to discussing concerns as well as areas of opportunity between the Chamber and other organizations in the Bondurant area.

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