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A house to a home

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Boone
Clint Braun and Dani Saathoff have had a busy year making their  first house together into a home.

Clint Braun and Dani Saathoff have had a busy year making their first house together into a home.

A certain network devoted to everything to make the home and garden a more pleasing place to be has an entire show devoted to first-time home buyers.

“Property Virgins,” they’re called in the world of HGTV. Folks who have never before scouted neighborhoods, plopped down a bundle of earnest money or suffered through a problematic home inspection.

Dani Saathoff may have been a “property virgin” until last spring, but fortunately she had a more experienced hand to help guide her. Saathoff’s boyfriend, Clint Braun, had been down the route of buying a home before, so when the couple set out to find their first home together it was a fairly smooth process.

“We looked at eight different houses and this is the first house we looked at,” Saathoff recalls, sitting comfortably in the living room of the couple’s Linn Street home on the north side of Boone.

While first-time home buyers are usually urged to look around and not fall in love with the first home they visit, the couple kept coming back to this modern, two-story home.

“I thought right away that this was the nicest house we looked at,” Saathoff says. “This home was built in 1977, and all the other houses we looked at were built in the early 1900s.”

While Braun doesn’t mind some do-it-yourself work around the home, Saathoff wanted a home that wouldn’t require quite as much maintenance. She’s a radiology tech at Boone County Hospital and he’s a welder in Story City, so they both keep busy schedules.

Still, they are putting their mark on the home. One of their first tasks after taking possession last spring was to tear out some overgrown shrubs, thus letting more light into the home and making it more visible from the street.

Saathoff also went to work inside, picking out colors and loading paint on rollers. They replaced peach and blue walls in the living room and kitchen with more up-to-date color selections, including an accent wall in the living room that she calls a cozy, medium chocolate color.

Looking ahead, they want to beautify the home’s exterior with some more landscaping and make the backyard puppy friendly.

Most of all, they are enjoying their new neighborhood.

“The neighborhood is super nice,” she says. “We have really nice neighbors.”

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