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How Many of You Are Continuing with Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Posted February 20, 2014 in Community Blogs

IMG_1119This time of year at the Fuller Hall Recreation Center we start to see a slight decline in the number of persons using the cardio and weight room.  Unfortunately many of these persons have good intentions, but will not achieve their fitness goals.  Leah Feltz is our personal trainer and also teaches fitness classes.  Leah has a lot of enthusiasm and has helped many persons achieve their fitness goals.  A few weeks ago Leah even had 4-Time Olympic Athlete visit and was impressed with her fitness classes.  Below is a brief description of what Leah has to offer.  Have a great week.

Leah Feltz Fitness ~Fitness Classes with Childcare, Personal Training, and More~
All Leah Feltz Fitness classes will be as one-of-a-kind as you are! Expect to push your limits, make friends, and enjoy working out! You can also look forward to healthy living tips, clean eating recipes, and opportunities to win PRIZES! 
If you utilize our childcare your children will be able to have a snack, play fun and structured games, and most importantly see YOU making healthy choices!
If fitness classes aren’t for you maybe one-on-one is the way to go. Leah Feltz Fitness also offers Personal Training and Fitness Evaluations.
There is something for EVERYONE!
 Go to to view class times and days. Use the “connect” tab to ask Leah any questions about classes, personal training, or childcare.
You can be sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow, you choose!

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