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Q: How can I keep my mother’s mind active?

Posted February 19, 2014 in Advice Column, Ankeny

A: Many of today’s older adults have also been influenced by the long-time assumptions that the brain, mind and memory of an older person are a failing process. Therefore, they turn their daily lives to endless viewing of television, unhealthy eating and increased complaining while also increasing personal stress. They abandon dreams and direction for the future.

Introduce games to your parent ,particularly games that call for thinking and evaluating before action. Playing cards with others can stimulate brain function while also providing sociable times with family members and friends. Puzzles, including crosswords, picture puzzles and word puzzles are great brain stimulants.

Suggest to your mother that she start a daily diary, and even buy a quality book or binder plus a special pen to start.

Proper nutrition is also a vital, particularly a diet strong in antioxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are vital to provide what other parts of the body or system may now be denying to the brain and its function. Physical exercise and movement is vital to the functioning of the older adult brain and its best functioning.

With the combination of all healthy mind boosting activities and rituals the older person in your life can stay alert, healthy and happy.

Information provided by Chelsea Spear, At-Home Care Company, 1513 N. Ankeny Blvd., Suite 4, Ankeny, 515-963-4410.

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