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Kickback for grandkids

Posted February 12, 2014 in Community Featured, Clive
A garage full of kid-sized rides keeps the grandchildren eager to visit Craig and Jerilynn Mickelson.

A garage full of kid-sized rides keeps the grandchildren eager to visit Craig and Jerilynn Mickelson.

It’s not easy being Grandpa and Grandma but it’s a job most people — if not all — wouldn’t trade for the world.

The chance to see their grandkids takes precedence over anything else that may be going on that day. However, it’s up to sons and daughters to bring the kids to Grandma and Grandpa. So what’s a grandparent to do to increase visits? If you’re Craig and Jerilynn Mickelson, the answer is simple: cars and pancakes.

“Every time they’re here, I make pancakes,” says Jerilynn.

The cars are those electric-powered mini versions of your favorite rides. At the Mickelson’s home they’ve got a red Jeep, a blue motorcycle, a yellow Mini Cooper and Cadillac Escalade.

“The 5-year-old kind of has his way because he’s the oldest. So he’ll take the newest one — the red Jeep. But that gives the 3-year-old the Escalade, which he really likes, and then the youngest gets the little blue one,” Jerilynn says.

It seems these cars aren’t just their grandkids’ favorite toys but also that favorites of many kids in the neighborhood.

“Younger families are moving in (to the neighborhood), and when our grandkids are out in the driveway riding around and around it doesn’t take long before other kids in the neighborhood come up asking for a ride,” laughs Jerilynn.

On holidays and during the cooler months, Craig and Jerilynn will back out their cars so the grandkids can drive their cars around inside the garage. It’s a great big smooth area for the kids to ride their cars around, says Craig. Plus, they’ve got a heater so it stays nice and toasty.

“For us — for old people — your grandchildren are everything. So you have to trick them a little bit,” Craig says. “In order for us to see them more we have to have some fun things to do here so they’ll want to come over. It’s a little bit of a ploy to get the grandkids here.”

“It’s worked,” adds Jerilynn. “They love it here!”

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