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Eatery upgrade

Posted February 12, 2014 in Community Featured

That redhead with the pigtails has long been the place I prefer for the best burgers around.

Wendy’s, with its real beef hamburgers in that distinctive shape, just can’t be beat in the hamburger world, as least to this redhead’s liking.

And I must admit that it was at times difficult getting through the Christmas shopping season without being able to drive through for a quick burger, fries and soft drink.
But the wait is over. Fort Dodge’s brand new Wendy’s — built on the site of the original — is open again and with a style and flair fit for real dining experience.

A steaming bowl of chili pairs well with a crisp order of french fries at Wendy’s.

A steaming bowl of chili pairs well with a crisp order of french fries at Wendy’s.

This place is so much more than the typical fast food joint. From the architectural details of the exterior to the multitude of seating choices, this new Wendy’s is really a place where you want to sit and enjoy the meal — not just eat and run.

In fact, I wandered from table, to sofa-style dining, to the bar-height counter reminiscent of a lunch counter facing Fifth Avenue South before finally settling in a quiet corner table near the fireplace. Yes! Fireplace, in a Wendy’s. I told you this place was so much more — it’s a real dining experience.

Despite the fact that I have been in withdrawal from their delicious hamburgers, I resolved to order something I had never had here before. And, believe it or not, I had never had the Wendy’s chili.

I ordered a small bowl of chili, french fries, and a cup of hot English breakfast tea. Frankly, I’m a little hesitant to order chili anywhere because it’s a soup that is — usually — best homemade. And that’s just what this chili tasted like — completely homemade. It simmers for four hours, and you can taste and see the goodness in the bowl. On a bone-chilling day, savoring a cup of chili near the fireplace warmed me through and through.

My dining companion opted for the new ciabatta bacon cheeseburger — and refused to share. Still, I could smell how good it tasted with its applewood smoked bacon, oven-roasted tomatoes and that wonderful, hearty ciabatta bread.

While I’ll continue to be a regular at the convenient drive-through, now that I know what’s in store I’ll be meeting friends much more often at this unique and truly beautiful dining establishment.

2315 Fifth Ave. South
(515) 576-8274

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