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Tricked-out trike

Posted July 24, 2013 in Community Featured, Boone

Ask some men, and they might say that they’ll never ride a trike.

But ask a man who has made the move to a tricked-out trike, and he’ll probably say he’ll never go back.

Lowell Roney started riding motorcycles back in 1982 when he bought his first street bike, a Kawasaki Spectre. Eventually he made the move to Harley Davidsons and spent a number of years on the iconic brand.

Lowell Roney loves the comfort and ride of his Honda Gold Wing Trike.

Lowell Roney loves the comfort and ride of his Honda Gold Wing Trike.

Looking for something different, Roney answered an ad last summer and ended up making the switch to a trike.

“It was a 2005 Honda Gold Wing, one owner and only 7,800 miles,” he recalls, making it a deal almost too good to pass up. Both he and wife, Karen, couldn’t be happier with the choice.

“I like the stability of the trike. My wife rides with me all the time, and when we go somewhere we’re usually hauling a lot of luggage, so it’s a better, safer way to go,” he explains.

The couple owned the bike only a day last year, loaded it up with enough clothes for a week, and headed out east to see the Smokey Mountains.

“We were gone for eight days and we put 2,300 miles on it… and I’d never been on a trike before,” Roney says. “We loved every minute of it.”

The couple even got caught in the rain, something that would have meant pulling over on a traditional bike, but they stayed comfortable on the trike.

“The trike has what’s called aqua boards — water boards underneath the pedals where it keeps the water down on the ground and you don’t get real wet,” he explains.

Another convenient feature of the trike is a little thing called “reverse.” When you’re riding a trike, it’s all about comfort, convenience, and safety — and a whole lot of fun.

“My wife loves going as much as I do,” Roney notes.

The only catch for Roney is the bright yellow color. But while it wouldn’t have been his choice, he’s ended up very happy with it.

“I didn’t like the color at first, but I love it because people can see you,” he says.

Next year they plan a trip to Colorado and, in the meantime, who knows where they might end up on any given weekend?

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